Trekking kit

Trekking kit

Please make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes particularly for night time – it can be below freezing in camp.

This list includes everything you might want on a long and high altitude trek so you may not need everything mentioned here but it should be useful as a list of ideas to consider – ask us if you need help.


·         Rucksack or kit bag to put overnight trekking kit in for horses to carry (may get a bit beaten up)

·         Waterproof sac to put over your day pack and plastic bags to help segregate and organise things in kit bag

·         Day pack (30 litres or so) to carry things you want access to during the day

·         Sleeping bag – 3 season up to about 3000 metres, 4 season above that

·         Silk liner for extra warmth

·         Thermarest inflating mattress (if you feel you need extra padding – thin mattresses are provided)

·         Inflatable pillow (if you find it more comfortable to have a head support when sleeping on flat ground)


·         Trekking trousers

·         Fleece pants or tracksuit to wear in camp

·         T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirt

·         Thermal underwear (top and bottom) for night use


·         Down jacket if above 3500 metres

·         Fleece

·         Windproof jacket

·         Waterproofs

·         Scarf and gloves


·         Hiking boots (should be water repellent)

·         Sandals or trainers for use in camp

·         Thick hiking socks and silk sock liners to guard against blisters

·         Gaiters if trekking close to the monsoon season or in snow


·         Broad brimmed hat or baseball cap for sun during the day with bandana for shading the neck

·         Woollen hat or balaclava for evenings

·         Polarising sunglasses – best to have the ones with side covers


·         Walking poles

·         Head torch with spare batteries and bulbs

·         Washing line

·         Small knife

·         Water bottles (preferably metal)

·         Dextrose tablets, snack bars and energy drinks


·         Medicine for diarrhoea eg Immodium

·         Rehydration sachets eg Dioralyte

·         Paracetamol or Nurofen

·         Plasters and Compeed for blisters

·         Antiseptic cream

·         Strepsils, Lemsip, cold and flu medicine

·         Sting relief and Insect repellent

Toiletries etc

·         Travel towel and sponge

·         Soap and biodegradable liquid for laundry

·         Toothbrush and toothpaste

·         Toilet paper, tissues, wet wipes

·         Sun cream (including total sun block)

·         Lip salve

·         Iodine tablets – or you can just use boiled water and on shorter treks mineral water

·         Tweezers

·         Camera, film and polarising filter

·         Books, iPod, playing cards and other diversions for evenings eg Yahtzee dice