Booking Procedures

Booking procedures If you are wishing a trip to Bhutan, must book the tours before 2 to 3 months. This will help us finding hotels and reservations. You can discuss with our tour expert about your tour in Bhutan regarding what interest you and the time you wanted to travel. Then, if you think we are the Reliable Company for you, you must download and fill our booking form  link duly or use our online booking, then send us through mail or FAX: +975-17492269 along with your passports. The reason for sending your passports with booking form is to avoid inconvenience for necessary reservations for your tour of a lifetime. Remember, before you sign on our tour booking form and send along with your passport, you must read our booking terms and condition and then send to us. Forward booking form along with your passport to us ( please check your passport validity we need six month validity passport). We will send you an invoice to you upon receiving duly filled booking form and passport. As soon as you receive our invoice, you must wire the full payment within 10 days or less than 2 weeks with scan copy of money receipt to confirm the booking. While you wire the payment to us please, inform us that you have wired the payment into our account. Once you have done all the procedure, you will receive our confirmation letter which would look like e.g conformation letter from our office. When everything is precisely done, we will process visa for you that takes 72 hrs or a month. We will send you a copy of visa to you. In case, if you have to cancel your tour after payment is being wired. We will refund your money as per our cancelation policy in terms and condition.
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