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Bhutan is least heard and known country in the world. Almost 5 billion people on the earth do not know about Bhutan. And it has remained mystic, magical and medieval period village for the tourist visiting Bhutan. Therefore, Bhutan Outlander Travel (Royal Government of Government of Bhutan (RGOB) authorized tour inbound Operator) have showed and promoted Bhutan through different mediums. We are the member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) and Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). We deal in varieties of Service Products like: Tours ( Bhutan is meant for Cultural Tours), Trekking ( Druk Path- the most popular ones), Eco-Tourism, Education (Historical Place visit by Scholars and Students), Bird Watching, Adventure and MICE are some of the prominent Services we provide to our tourist visiting Bhutan at different point of time and occasions. Our professional team offers the best services dedicatedly, professionally and joyfully- we do not compromise our clients’ comforts, safety, enjoyments and memorable events: That is why you should choose us against the choices of many other tour operators: Our business competitive edge.
If you want to come to Bhutan following process you have to follow as per the advise of the Tourism Council of Bhutan or Bhutan Outlander Travel
About Bhutan

Bhutan- the land of happiness perched among the peaks of the mighty Himalaya, the tiny kingdom of Bhutan has been described as the last Shangri-la in the world. Bhutan offers a fascinating understanding into a Buddhist culture where time has stood still and the chance to experience Himalayan landscape of beautiful and pristine beauty. The beautiful rolling Himalaya and snow peak offer the amazing vista to the adventurers. Our unique culture diversity, monasteries, historical fortress, monuments, customs and colorful festivals are the best for culture tours which will depict the true essence of Bhutanese life style.
Recognizing the importance of environment, today approximately 72% of the total land area is under forest cover and about 26% of the land area fall under protected areas comprising of four parks. As a result, Bhutan offers a wonderful wild life and bird watching tours.
Bhutan is a spectacular destination year-round, although the weather varies dramatically depending on the elevation and season. The best time to visit Bhutan really depends on what you're looking for. There are two seasons that you should visit Bhutan. That is in spring and autumn. Both seasons can offer can offer you the chance of  festival tours and trekkings . If you are interested to witness one of the festivals in Bhutan. You must see the festival date  to help plan your festival trip.
Royal Government of Bhutan has implemented the policy of “high value low impact” to maintain sustainable tourism  and set minimum daily tariff for all tourists entering to Bhutan. Bhutan is accessible both by land and air and Getting into the Bhutan is not a challenge like before in 1960's but before entering into Bhutan tourist must obtain a visa( see visa information )through local tour operators.
Whether you are looking for culture quest, spiritual sojourn, trekking or adventure tour, Bhutan Outlander Travel is uniquely experienced to meet all your travel need. From necessary reservation to spa treatments, festivals to home stays, planning your visit to Bhutan with us is easy and enjoyable. We give you variety of tours and itineraries to meet your travel goals. Please contact us for answers to all your questions. We can customize different tour elements to make your visit, a trip of lifetime.

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